Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Under the Tree: Gift Books

As I mentioned yesterday, I'm in full Christmas prep mode. Like everyone, I struggle with coming up with unique and thoughtful gifts. Doesn't it seem like most people have everything already? My one "go-to" gift is a book. If you pick the right one, it can be personal, not too expensive and a useful item for the recipient. What could be finer?

So I thought I'd share some of my favorite books I've given (and received) as gifts.

For beginner level photo buffs:

Understanding Exposure by Bryan Peterson
I know I've recommended this book before but its a must have for anyone wanting to learn the basic science behind getting the photos you want. It takes some concentration (I certainly didn't absorb it all) but its a great resource. I've given this book at least 4 times.

I received this book as a gift this year. I always love getting these kinds of compilation books but I'm often disappointed when they don't hold any worthy projects for me. Not Marthas version - it has quite a lot of great ideas (simple ones too) and is a wonderful reference. They may not all be winners but its definitely worthy of its shelf space.

Ive had the original version of this book for years and its a great reference. It seems to have almost everything a new cook could ever want. I've given this book out a few times over the years and am just seeing there is an updated edition out. Nice. Bonus: Its Christmas Red!
For the wanna be seamstress:
Sew Everything Workshop by Diana Rupp
Ok I admit Im kind of a flunkie here. I received the book and think its fab. Very clear instruction on sewing terminology and easy to practice projects. For someone who knows absolutely nothing about sewing (me!) this is a godsend because there is a language to learn. All that said, I haven't really graduated to much beyond the basics but when I attempt, this book will be at my side.
Those are my favs. What are yours?