Saturday, November 6, 2010

Love Towels & What Makes Me Happy

Spent my Saturday with my family and girlfriends...alhamdulillah...:)

Forever 21 dress, Topshop tights, unbranded straw hat, Kate Spade bag, Yunique Paradise shoes

Anyway, it's good to contemplate and evaluate our lives regularly, don't you think? :) But the act of contemplating and evaluating does not always have to revolve around our weaknesses, our faults, our areas of's also good to remind ourselves about our strengths, our achievements, anything positive so that we appreciate ourselves and our lives better....:)

So let's play "what makes me happy" hehehe...but not the "ice cream" or "sound of rain" sort of thing...think of things that go beyond the tangibles...things that underlie our positivity...

Here are some of mine...:)

  • I never feel old! I always feel young and never think that I'm too old for something....and that makes me happy!
  • I always believe that everything happens for a whatever takes place in my life, I always know that it's for the best..
  • I'm straightforward! Being able to be express my thoughts and answer whatever questions that are thrown at me in the most honest manner (with all due respect, of course) just makes me feel...light...and happy.

Try list down yours too, peeps!

Good night! :)