Thursday, November 18, 2010

The Label

They say, your friends define you.
I personally believe in the above saying. One’s personality can easily be determined by their circle of friends. That's because we usually hang out with people who share similar interests or views regarding life and its bits. However, there seem to be cases where we tend to try look better. And by better, it could be prettier, cooler, smarter, or even wealthier. And so we fabricate our friends, and we violate the meaning of friendship itself. Instead of being friends we are comfortable with, we adjust ourselves to be comfortable in the group we want to fit in.

They say, your clothes define you.
Same goes to clothes. Everyone is unique, and everyone’s dressing is unique. However, there are again cases where we tend to try look better, but unfortunately end up looking just like everybody else. This might happen because we all look up to the same magazine or fashion icons. And there’s clearly nothing wrong with that. What can be when we no longer know our personal style, moreover who we really are. We just dress according to what seems acceptable by the society we want to fit in, and so our dressing becomes our mask. We hide behind our clothes, and we put forward a different us.

It’s always good to explore and be able to adapt to every kind of people and situation. Making a lot of friends is essential in life, and looking stylish is very, very exciting. Just remember that at the end of the day, we must feel comfortable with ourselves. Never force ourselves to be who we aren't, or do what we don't. By being the best of ourselves, it actually allows us to shine even brighter. And when we shine, we create our own market...:)

Be true to yourself, be 100% original.