Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Heels Over Heels

Woah it was a loooooooooong day. It was productive alhamdulillah...just exhausting hehehe.

Spent almost the whole day doing a photo shoot for my newest collection for Bloop Endorse...do wait for it to launch very soon! :)

Make up by Aldo akira

Then attended the Cleo Fashion Awards 2010 and was super happy with the result:
Just as I expected...:)

Congratulations, both! I was really impressed with both of your shows...:)

I'll do a longer review on today's event tomorrow...good night, peeps! And oh, I sat beside Aming today, and I was so happy that we ended up chatting hehehe...it started when I saw him laughing while looking at me, and so I asked what was so funny...he said, "the way you make your face while watching the show is so cute...very expressive," hahaha...

Again...good night! :)