Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ciao Venice!

Wrapping up our trip to Venice (read part 1 here), we spent most of our time just walking around and soaking the city in.

Only an Italian could pull off the ridiculous look of a gondolier uniform and still look suave.


This is one of my favorite shots from the whole trip. Its not right technically but there is something about it that I find worth looking at.

Also fascinated by the strung laundry everywhere. Italians don't like electronic dryers. Makes for interesting scenes when you look straight up.


Without even meaning to I seem to have left Venice with more than a few images of the local furry residents.

PigeoninFlight KittyoutthewindowCatonLedgePoshItalianDogDogSellingTshirts

No trip is ever complete without going to a food market or two. Even though we can't really buy any of this stuff, we like experiencing a little bit of local life.


We spent most of our time away from St. Marks but we couldn't resist a quick visit to the Cathedral.


No matter where I looked, there was always something interesting to see or something beautiful to appreciate.

StatueformerRedLightDistrictReflectedintheWater Masks
TrafficJamHaloStatueCichettiTour2UmbrellaDragon StefSip
After a few days of that, it was time to fly. We hope we'll make it back again one day.


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