Monday, November 8, 2010

Buongiorno Venice!

A little bit late but better than never, I'm finally ready to show you some Venice photos! Mr. Limestone planned the trip to celebrate my 33rd birthday (I still love my birthday but I don't love getting old!) We had been to Venice for a few days once before - on our honeymoon - and always wanted to return. Its terribly cliched to love Venice as its essentially one giant tourist trap but we could not help ourselves. Its just a fabulous place to get lost in for days and we fell under its spell just like the hoardes before us.

We got lucky with perfect weather. Since we spend the entire day walking the streets, rain would have definitely put a damper on things. We oogled ancient architecture, walked all over its maze like streets, ate and drank and overall had a fabulous time. Last but not least - lots of photos!



A lightbulb wrapped in campari bottles. Isn't this a cute idea for a pendant?

It only takes a couple of drinks for me to lose all stability with the camera.

We stopped into San Michele - the cemetary for all of Venice's dead. Quite a beautiful and moving place to spend a few hours.
While we were there, we spotted this beautiful monument of a female bust against the brick wall. I'm not sure if stone busts are even made anymore but this is the way I want to be immortalized.

The main island is quite small so it lends itself perfectly to just wandering for hours. Lots of window shopping and people watching ensued.


So that was about half our trip. More Venice photos to come later this week.