Saturday, October 9, 2010

Unnecessary Questions

Someone asked me why I like to raise unnecessary questions to strangers, be them security guards, waiters, shop keepers, or those who just happen to stand beside me. Said questions would be like "excuse me, but what time is it?" while I'm actually wearing a watch, or "the toilet is to that direction, right?" when a signage is clearly right in front of me. I guess I like to ask such things because I know doing so would make them feel happy. It feels good to "matter" and be considered, especially by those who don't come from our usual circle.

Such act does not always have to be done top-down, meaning, us asking to someone who we perceive coming from a lower class than ours. I once was queuing in a fragrance shop in Singapore, and I saw this beautiful, very-rich-looking English lady standing in front me wearing the latest Chanel clogs. And so I just did it spontaneously. "Excuse me...are those Chanel? They're gorgeous!". She gave me that wide smile with sparkling eyes, and she started telling me about how she bought them and how much she loves her new clogs. I believe that I, to some extent, have made her day.

It always feels nice to be nice...:)