Sunday, October 10, 2010

Trashion & The Art Market

I am soooooooo happy to have finally attended the famous art market, Pasar Seni ITB, in Bandung, and I was lucky enough to be invited to the press conference of Trashion Design Contest 2010, which happens to take place in this year's said art market as well....yay! :)

Here's a bit of review from today...all pictures courtesy of S hihih...thanks, love! :)

1. Trashion Design Contest 2010
Trashion stands for 'trash fashion', which is an initiative carried out by Unilever to manage better their used plastic sales packaging, encompassing the idea of environmentalism and innovation. Instead of becoming poor-managed waste, Trashion invites home industries to recycle, recondition and convert used packagings to become wearable, everyday goods.

This year, Trashion is reaching out to the youth in hopes to increase the younger generation's awareness and stimulate the kind of creativity that contributes to the act of saving our environment. In Trashion Design Contest 2010, students were asked to design products made from multi-layers of used packagings, and products must be applicable for everyday use and possible to sell at an economical price.

The winner: a guitar bag by Dimas Tri Anggodo (STIKOM Interstudi student)... congrats! :D

I personally really support this campaign, because it really does help reduce waste. LOVE EARTH! :)

2. Pasar Seni ITB 2010
It was my first time attending this event, so I was overwhelmed by the extremely large venue and ample amount of sellers, artists and artisans. It was sooooooo crowded, but I actually enjoyed the feeling of it. There were so many paintings that S and I liked! And I met quite a few of my blog readers as girls are so sweet...thank you! :)

The only thing I deplore was this:

Come on, peeps! Throwing trash carelessly like this is really, really uncool & humiliating.

Nevertheless, I had a goooood day alhamdulillah...thank you, Pasar Seni ITB & Trashion! Good night..:)

PS: An interesting figure of my twitter account followers...8888! Thanks, dearest followers! :)