Friday, October 22, 2010

Steal this Idea*:

Yes, its Friday - so I owe you another Steal this Idea* feature. But its just been a crazy week and I haven't had a chance to properly comb the web for an impressive tutorial. (The dog ate my homework!) So instead I'm going to do some shameless self promotion and remind you of the tutorials I've shared right here over the years.

One of the most popular is this kitty cat bed. And yes, he still uses it.
Cat Bed Step O Finished2

One of the easiest (and cheapest) is old dictionary art.

Another easy and cheap art project are this passport stamp set.

Further proof that we are crazy cat people pretending to be normal is this family portrait pillow.

I've done a few others but I think I'll stop droning on here. Looking at some of these, it reminds me I want to do another tutorial in the near future - now if I can just narrow down what I want to show you. (So many ideas, so little time!)

*When I say steal, I really mean borrow nicely and give proper credit!
**If you have an idea/tutorial you would like me to consider for a feature, email me. I'd love to see!