Monday, October 25, 2010

More Nate + New Blog Design

Check it out, Im touching Nate Berkus.*


You are probably wondering how we managed to mysteriously summon a photo with Mr. B himself after I specifically mentioned not getting one at the taping. Well, turns out there was some kind of technical problem with our original taping so they brought us back to do it again. (Im sure it would have a been a lot easier for them to just edit us right out and forget us - so I'm very grateful they were sweet enough to have us back instead.) I was just as nervous and excited this time around even though we just doing the exact same thing again. The entire Nate Show team are soooo incredibly nice and made us feel as if we are important celebrities. (Even though that we know that they know we are just regular people they found blabbing on the internet.) And yes - I wore the same dress - I couldn't deal with thinking up another outfit at the last minute without medication.

If you happened to catch us mentioned in the promos last week, I'm here to set the record straight that we won't be on today's show (But you should still watch and/or tivo it because Sherry and John of Young House Love are on in a major way!) The exact airing date is still unknown to me so I'll get back to you on that.

You may also notice that it looks a little bit different round here. Yes, thats right - finally managed to get a new design up. I did the design mock up 7 months ago and figured it wouldn't be that hard to get someone to do the code. WRONG! I would have never guessed that it would have taken forevah. (If you are wondering - patience is not one of my virtues.) Waiting is like mini torture sessions for me. But it'sall worth it now. So much more organized. Its still a work in progress but I'm really happy with how it looks now. Huge thanks to Penny Lane Designs for making it happen.

Stay tuned - tomorrow I'll be sharing the Halloween decorations.

*No, not that way you pervs!