Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Lighting up my life!

Thanks for all the anniversary and get well wishes. You make a girl feel good!

So today's post is back to business - home projects that is. Rewind a few months and you'll remember I was asking for ideas about the shore condo kitchen. There is a lot wrong with it but I really felt that a new light fixture would make a huge difference. (And you already know my penchant for dramatic light fixtures right?)

I've been looking for ages for just the right thing. Feel in love with this turquoise number but it was way out of the budget and DIY versions just look sloppy to me. Considered a Capiz fixture but I wasnt' sold on it and I don't think it was going to provide enough light. Nothing was right.

So then one day I was admiring the craftmanship of the very talented Jeremy of Pickett Furniture and a lightbulb went off over my head. Why not ask him if he can make something custom? His style is more modern than mine but sometimes those are the best kinds of collaborations.

We went back and forth on emails about style, materials, price, etc. I sent him some inspirational photos and he worked up some sketches for me. Thats when the real fun started! Check out some of the amazing designs he worked up.


All pretty fabulous but not quite right for what I had in mind. So I sent him a some feedback on what I liked and didn't like about the designs and he came up with this version. I was instantly in love with it!

This week Jeremy sent me this photo of the pieces coming together! After he works his magic, it has to go off to get wired so it will be a little while longer before I can hange it but I'm so excited!

Now the only question that remains is the color. What color should it be painted? I want it to be a color that I would want to work in when/if we renovate the kitchen. But of course Im going to hang it as soon as its ready so it can't be totally random. Right now Im torn between navy blue, a charcoal gray or a bright sea blue. What do you think??