Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Decor: Step right up!

If you read the previous post on our Halloween invitations, you already know the concept. Every year I like to have a little backstory that inspires the look. (i.e. spider infestation, dead bodies trying to crawl into the house) This year its a Haunted Victorian Side Show/Circus. So without too much babbling, here is how it turned out.

HalloweenDecor10 HalloweenDecor3HalloweenDecor7

If Im being honest, Im not really loving it. Its too chaotic to me. A real shame because this years decor was, by far, the most time consuming. I think its because the color scheme isn't as unified as I normally like. The nature of a carnival look is a bit chaotic anyway so its not that I hate it, it just doesn't polish. But it is what it is and its up so there you go. I hope the kids like it :)

Im going to try to carry the theme a tiny bit into the food for the party as well. Working on that this week so wish me luck!

Some fun facts about this years decor: The concept of "Carnevil" was suggested by my brothers girlfriend. My brother wrote the news article that is hanging on the fence. I made all of the signage (with a lot of inspiration and imagery pieced together from what I could find on the web). I didn't want to shell out for printing large posters so I printed everything on letter sized paper and glued it together on sheets of plywood. The clothing for the "ticket seller" came from a thrift store in Staten Island. The fabric "banner" that is hanging from the top floor is painted drop clothes. Any other questions - just ask!