Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Countdown to Halloween: Costume Inspiration

With just 4 more days to Halloween, it's time to talk costumes! Here we are last year. (We were dead Victorians)

Stef3 StefandLuke4 StefandLuke6
This years costume isn't turning out quite so well. I had an Etsy seller make up my concept and got burned - its so not what i ordered! I'm not happy at all. (I ordered last years costume from etsy as well and it worked out great.) I'm trying to salvage it but its a bit frustrating. Oh well, they can't all be winners.

Speaking of winners, I've found the following amazing costumes on Flickr and just had to share. I'm always impressed by creative costumes. Aren't these fabulous?

Fab DIY Halloween Costumes

1. tiger cub, 2. Halloween in My Closet Part 2... Can-Can Girl, 3. photobooth_018, 4. No Justice., 5. My Costume :D, 6. Peacock, enjoying herself (3), 7. The Son of Man, 8. Inspiration: BEST HALLOWEEN COSTUME, 9. zombie marching band, 10. The Shining Twins, 11. Best Halloween Costume EVER!, 12. Best Halloween costume: Bob Ross

I know some of you are Halloween nuts just like me. I'd love to see some of your costumes from years past right here. Come on, don't be shy - add a link to your photo or blog post about it below!