Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Colors Colors Colors

I'm sooooooo loving the new Kotex LUXE sanitary pads...they come in various colors and design! To be fair and honest, I'm not actually a Kotex user, but after seeing this, I'm really considering to switch hihihih....:)

If you visit their website here, they actually have this very nice campaign called WOW, which stands for Why Only White. The idea is that why keep things all white when adding colors to your life would bring no harm, in fact, make your days more fun!

These pads come in various designs to represent different personalities. If you're curious, you can figure out what's your design by taking their quiz here. I've done mine, and it says I'm "Confident Chic"! Heheheh....;p

To know more about this, you can follow their FB or Twitter....and oh, I heard that they're still available in Jakarta only...adios! :)