Thursday, September 30, 2010

Style & Skill Crush: ABCD

One of the fabulous women I got to meet last week was Amy of ABCD Design. I've been following her for ages so my crush is no surprise. I happened to mention to her how I was IN LOVE with the way she decorated her last apartment (she is on to bigger and better projects now) but couldn't find the photos. She graciously sent them on and just I had to share.

Amy is a woman of many talents but this place just blows me away. Those posters are making me swoon. I just love how she stacked them up the wall to really make the most of the high ceilings.

I love how her living room is accessorized enough to feel adorned but not so much it feels overwelmed with trinkets. I feel pretty confident about my own skills but I am seriously lacking when ti comes to finishing to a perfect polish as she has done.

Hello gorgeous, thy name is ABCD. Pop over her place to see all of her stylish musings.