Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Shore files: Trunk Treat

So back to the shore for one final addition made this weekend. If you remember when I was asking for suggestions on how to make this room better, an anonymous commenter suggested getting an old trunk in here for character. Why didn't I think of that?

So I added 'vintage trunk' to my list of things I hope to find in my junking travels. Back home in Brooklyn I went to the Meeker Ave Flea to see if I could score one. They had a ton of them but they were all a couple of hundred bucks. So imagine my excitement when I saw this bad boy at one of my Red Bank, NJ haunts, Monmouth Antique Shoppes.


Not perfect - the handles are missing and it stinks like mothballs inside. But the size and price was right. Hello little mister - you are coming home with me!


Of course it needs to be styled a little bit better but it fits the space perfectly and will serve as some very handy storage space for extra beach things. I love its worn look.


Of course now that its there, I feel like the ladder style photo display thingy looks all wrong. Might have to move that elsewhere.