Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Revisiting Mike's in Homewood

Very early on the hot dog tour we visited Mike's Chicago Hot Dogs in Homewood. See Here. We decided we needed to revisit Mike's... or maybe we just wanted to go there again. Either way three of us proceeded to go to Mike's. This time I remembered to take my camera so we now have pictures.

Mike's still looks like somebody's back yard storage building transplanted to downtown Homewood. This visit was Robert and I along with the relatively new participant, Aaron. We also tried to include one of my daughters with no success. Unfortunately we didn't get to go when we thought we would. This kind of blew up our whole plan to meet at Mike's.

Regardless, the three of us got there for lunch. We had learned on our previous visit the Mike's serves "jumbo" hot dogs, and more than one is too much for most normal people; so we each ordered just one dog. I ordered a chili cheese dog while Robert ordered a chili dog and Aaron ordered a hotdog. We were very pleased to discover that they serve not only Golden Flake chips but also Lays and Zapps. I've made it clear that I like Golden Flake, our local chip, but I also like Zapps a great Southern product from Cajun country. So this time we ordered Zapps.

When we got our order we moved to one of the two dining rooms, the one on the right, and proceeded to eat.

These hot dogs are good as well as filling. Here's a couple of observations regarding Mike's:

1 - They have some specials or combos that don't appear on the menu.

2 - Their drinks at 75 cents are a good buy.

3 - They also offer a "Chicago style dog" dressed out like one would get in Chicago... but it's not on the menu.

Bottom line... Mike's is still a great place for lunch.