Thursday, September 16, 2010

More Brooklyn: Meeker Avenue Flea Market

Last Saturday I spent the better part of the afternoon in the nabe known as Williamsburg (or Billyburg for people who wear skinny jeans and trucker hats.) Williamsburg is a hot neighborhood that is a mix of old school residents, industrial buildings and hipster outposts. In other words, its got personality. It also has its share of vintage shops and markets that are so worth visiting. Case in point, Meeker Avenue Flea Market.


Not really a flea market - more of a junk + treasure warehouse. The kind of place you are equally likely to find a beautiful piece of furniture to restore as a ceramic Elvis head lamp. And yes, the Elvis head lamp is twice as much as the furniture piece! Go figure.


We stopped there in search for a great old trunk to bring to the beach place (thanks to one of your suggestions on how I can add personality to the living room!). They had quite a few trunks but the prices were a bit out of my comfort level. The one we liked had a bit of damage and was $225. Um, no. So the hunt continues. But it was still fun looking around.


I was completely smitten with their selection of vintage typewriters, adding machines and old things of that nature. No vintage camera (bummer!) but I *think* I found an old projector .

The bikes hanging from the ceiling of the second floor were pretty cool too!


Its not as cheap as I would expect considering the nature of the store but there is a great selection and the owners definitely have found some great character pieces. I have a feeling I'll be stopping here a lot.


I may have to add Meeker Aveneu Flea to my next edition of my Tourist Guide to Brooklyn.

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So for locals and tourists alike: Is there anyplace in Brooklyn you'd like to see a feature on?? Don't be shy - let me know and it might just be my next stop.