Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Match Made In Heaven

Had a profound conversation with S...and now I feel much better...:) I realize that I haven't been writing much lately, not because I don't have anything in mind, but because I actually have too many things I'm concerned about and I didn't know how to channel them out. It's more on personal thoughts, so to speak, and they are things that relate to how I see life and how I'd wish things were. I'm basically a happy person, so it just saddens me whenever I see negativity around.. but hey! I guess it is our job as happy people to spread our positive mindset...:)

Anywaaaaay, these are too adorable, I feel like I'm in candyland....

Outerwear and accessories from Eclectica by Tara Amelz...

Clogs from Kloom...

Love love love love love.

paired with Zara t-shirt, Coloriot shorts, Uniqlo tights, Jean Patou vintage sunglasses

Thank you so much!! :)

And oh, preparation for Lebaran day hehehe...these are by Gossip Cake! :)