Monday, September 27, 2010

Late Night

I've been trying so hard to sleep, but I just can't. I hate insomnia, and I don't like Craig David either...;p

Anyway, I miss my friends a lot. They're all still there, living their usual routines, but everything feels different compared to when we were...well...younger. I've been expressing this feeling to some people, and I'd always receive a similar response..."you know, you grow up, and you dedicate your time to your loved one", and by loved one, they mean boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or either their new little family.

I disagree. I just think there's always a way to balance things out, and we just simply should. I cannot imagine that I used to spend time with my best friends, and suddenly stopped doing so just because I have a boyfriend. I enjoy having my friends and boyfriend together, and I am very much relieved that S thinks the same way. We never mind having our Saturday nights shared with our friends, because we like the idea that friends are family, and families grow bigger, not smaller and get replaced.

I am in love with S, but he is not my whole world. He is metaphorically, but in real life, I need my friends just as much as I need S, my family, my work and self-being.

I miss you, dear friends.