Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Kosy Flavor - Five Points South

Kosy Flavor is this place this week.

I spotted this place a couple of months ago but just got around to visiting there this week. Kosy Flavor is a smoothy/ice-cream/hot dog place located in the Five Points South area. They are right next door to the well known pancake house. We included them in The Great Birmingham Hot Dog Tour since they have a large sign in the window advertising "Kosher Hot Dogs".

So Robert, Keith and I set off in the Keithmobile and ended up at Kosy Flavor. We were concerned that parking might be difficult in five points but actually found a convenient parking place quickly. Kosy Flavor was quiet; maybe too quiet. We couldn't help but wonder how long they will last, based on the business (or lack thereof) we observed.

Kosy is a very clean little place. We encountered a staff consisting of two Hispanic girls, one of whom spoke fairly decent English. The other didn't appear to understand much in the gringo tongue. The hot dogs are clearly billed as "jumbo" so we each ordered only one. They have a great deal, the combo of a hot dog, chips and a drink for about $4.00. The prices for their hot dogs and chili dogs seem to charge an extra premium for chili, but in the combo there is no additional charge. This might be a language problem or an oversight in setting up the buttons on the cash register; nevertheless the chili dog combo is a good deal.

The hot dogs come wrapped in a paper that labels them as "Nathen's". Robert took the initiative to ask about the hot dogs and discovered that they come from Sam's and the current staff couldn't remember the brand name. That's OK with me since my limited experience with Nathan's hot dogs has left me somewhat unimpressed.

These hot dogs were almost perfect. They were served hot with a very good chili. They didn't ask what we wanted on the chili dogs (I think the language barrier contributed). Robert and I like to have a little mustard and some onions (gardenias) on the chili dogs and missed having this added. We were able to add some mustard before we finished which helped.

All in all.... this is a good hot dog. Give it a try, SOON, they might not be around much longer based on the business we saw. This place was slow... I tried to talk to the one employee who appeared to understand some English and asked about the business flow there. I don't think she totally comprehended what I was asking; but she did indicate that business is usually slow.