Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Challenging Myself

Its officially over - summer 2010 is behind us. Its time to get into serious gear for Fall. Things topping the list include Halloween decorations, holiday plans, apple picking, boot buying, cleaning out my closet, and a host of little home tweaks I've been meaning to get around to. I hope to be able have real progress on my entire to-do list in the next 6 weeks. All things I'm looking forward to but its sometimes hard to find the time in between the required things in life like work and sleep.

There is one other thing I'd like to participate in: Miss B's Souvenir Photo School. (You might know Miss B as the founder of the Bright Side Project) A simple but ingenious idea: invite a small group together to work on a specific photo assignment with the goal of improving each participants skills by active shooting and sharing. The rules are quite simple but strict - follow them or you're out. This time around requires I shoot and upload for 26 of the next 30 days - a task I'm pretty sure I'll fail at but I'm trying anyway.

Thus, my little Salt and Pepper photoshoot yesterday. The challenge requires a photo a day for each letter of the alphabet. It didn't have to be in alphabetical order but because I'm crazy, it didn't feel right to start with anything but an "A". So I've called this one "A" for Accident.


If you are wondering what made me stage a faux salt spill, its this little silver plated duo I picked up from Pottery Barn. Not much of a fan of novelty shakers, I was never able to find ones that served its purpose but were also pretty. (I did find a pewter pair at a flea market once but decided against using them after learning it might not be food safe). These are just the thing. They seem so much more serious in black and white.


What is on your agenda for this month?