Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Wee Bit Of Opening Up

In almost all interviews I have so far done, I find it the most difficult to answer when I am asked how I became a fashion blogger. Sometimes I just do and not think. Most of the times I just do and have fun. Never in my life have I ever imagined on becoming a (fashion) blogger, moreover be recognized for it. I always feel that that single question actually puts me to shame...hahah! :D

"Fashion" is a big word for me and it's one of those words I try to use the least. I have never gone to a fashion school, taken any fashion-related course, watched Fashion TV nor read fashion magazines or books in a devoted manner. I have poor knowledge on fashion histories, designer names, types of shoes, skirts, dresses and whatever.

During my first interviews, I've always asked the interviewer to refer me as just a "blogger" and omit the "fashion" label, but no matter how hard I try, I guess the label just sticks and so I let myself get used to it. I just want to apologize to the real fashion professionals if I, by any chance, have made them think that I have insulted the fashion world by my lack of "real fashion taste" (as some commentators have put it) and my bad choices of mix-and-match which most of the times sort of hurt the eyes.

I love clothes, and shoes, probably in the most innocent manner that I just have fun with them and follow no rule, guide, or trend. It's like having pleasure in taking blurry pictures because you just like them that way although you know most photographers would think of them as something nonsense. I guess...nonsensicality is the fundamental of fun...;)

All in all, I am very much grateful to all of you who have kindly appreciated whoever I am, blogger or fashion blogger, and keep supporting me to make progress and achievements. I guess it's up to people to make perceptions on who we are based on what we (seem to) do. What matters most, is that we genuinely enjoy what we (actually) do. Thank you, everyone! :)