Monday, August 23, 2010

Summer's Last Hurrah

I know there are a couple of weeks to go but the writing is on the wall - summer is just about over. Mr. L has some relatives from the old country in town and threw out the possibility of hosting a little summer barbeque in their honor. Did someone say par-tay? Im game.

The hitch is that it would be this week! You can probably guess I'm not too keen on the last minute thing. It doesn't give me any time to whip up fun little details. Be that as it may, if we do have people over, I still want to add a few sparks to the day.

I have a small backyard - no trees,grass or view. Just a little postage stamp sized plot of land to host our guests. So it would be a casual indoor and outdoor mixing kind of thing. During the day so candles, twinkly lights or tiki torches are out.

The menu will be traditional American barbeque - steaks, corn, chicken, etc.. But what about the fun stuff?

Here are the last minute ideas I've managed to find as possibilities. Real pineapples as cocktail glasses, flowers in ball jars, frozen vodka, colorful cupcakes...
Real Pineapple Cup
photo credits: flickr, country living, martha stewart, phoenix times

After seeing this photo from Country Living, I just might have to buy a picnic table.

Do you have any other quick and easy ideas I can use? I'd love to hear/see them!