Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shore Files: Mod Beach Bathroom Reveal

If you missed yesterdays post about the shore bathroom renovation, go read it now for the full scoop. Otherwise, read on for the finale.

So last I left off we were just about done but had a few more key pieces to add. The most important piece from a design point of view was the light fixture: a spunik multi arm get up. Once I had decided to use this fixture, the rest fell into place for me mentally. Its glamourous and vintage and modern and beautiful all that the same time. At least thats how I think of it.


And then the vanity. I think its fair to say I looked at every available vanity on earth before deciding. I think we could have saved some money on this if we had gotten it made by a woodworking shop but we were running out of time and I couldn't find any solid recommendations for one so we just bite the bullet and ordered.


The medicine cabinet is also Restoration Hardware but we managed to find it at the outlet so we saved a big chunk on it. Hooray. (We also scored all the little bits and pieces like the towel rod, tp holder, shelf, etc from RH on sale at the outlet.)

And then I had one more thing to add that was also a big element to my mental picture - art. I originally wanted a print of this R Kenton Nelson painting, Swim Party, for ages (you might remember it from Diane Keatons character's bedroom in Somethings Gotta Give) . Unsigned prints proved impossible to find (signed prints go for $2k each. Holy Moly!) I looked forever for a suitable alternative and came up empty. So when I found a site that sells reproductions I was all over it. Of course, I'd prefer the real thing but that was not in the cards.


With the all the pieces in place, its time for the big finish. To refresh your memories, here is the before...


and here is the after...



As with any of my projects, its not quite finished. I'd like to get some lacquer boxes for the vanity shelf along with a nicer shower curtain and towels. But all in all, I'm thrilled with how it turned out.

Click here for a source list of materials used in this room.