Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shore Files: In case you are wondering...


...the stump stool is in place and its looking good. I'm a bit meh on the wheels (I can sort of see them if I sit in a certain spot across the room) but I think it needs the height. Maybe I'll switch them out at some point but its good for now. Definitely happy I didn't paint it.


Aside from this addition, I've gotten absolutely no where on my other beachy to-dos. Here is what's on the agenda when I get around to it.

  1. Window treatments (I think I've decided what I'm doing and it requires sewing)
  2. New pillows (Still searching)
  3. Adding some vintage/found/ character pieces (Still searching)

After I get those in place I'll figure out what else is needed to round off the space. And of course I haven't even started tackling the nightmare that is the kitchen or getting going on the bedroom.

But I do have a goody in store for you. We renovated the bathroom! This is what it looked like when we bought the place.


This photo doesn't show just how nasty it was truly was. Hair, blood, urine, the whole shebang was left to us as a housewarming gift. I literally wore a bio-suit and mask while cleaning it for the first time. But it was functional so we didn't want to renovate just for gross factor. Cut to 5 years later, we suspected some water leakage behind the walls so it was the perfect opportunity to change out the tiles and fixtures. I'm absolutely loving how it turned out - I just have to put a few finishing touches in there and it will be ready for the unveiling. Stay tuned to see how its looking now!