Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Report from NYC

A friend who has taken a real interest in our hot dog tour is Keith, who has accompanied Robert and I on several visits. I have encouraged him to make a contribution for the blog sometime, but with little success. He told us a couple of weeks ago about a short business trip he would be taking to New York City. He talked about wanting to try hot dogs at Nathans, from a street vendor, and visiting Coney Island as well. Of course we dream of more than we can do on short trips; but he did email us a report which follows. Maybe he will elaborate on this when he returns.

"Spent the last few days in NYC - ate hot dogs from Central Park Street vendor, Grays Papaya (local favorite, recommended by tour bus host who grew up in Harlem/Bronx, and the taxi driver), and from Fat Annies Truck Stop (FATS). Attached is a picture of the one from FATS. Did not make it to a Nathans place, although they sold them and Papa Johns Pizza in the local Subway (brand name, not the train you can ride) restaurants - I decided to hold off till I can make it back to Coney Island sometime in the future. Maybe I can do a writeup from the NYC dogs."
"I'm in Chicago now, but leaning towards pizza instead of dogs."

"None of the ones I have tasted here are as good as Sam's, Jimmy's, Lyric or Sol's."