Monday, August 23, 2010

Now This Is Innovation.

Mango shirt, belt & trousers, Bloop blazer, various pins, Yunique Paradise sandals

Remember my post about why I rarely wear jeans? Well today I got invited to attend the launch of Levi's Curve ID, the latest Levi's line of custom fit jeans which are supposedly made to fit our curves. Coincidence, yes? :D

I was reeeaaaally impressed by their revolutionary approach, in which Levi's now do not only define their jeans by size and design, but also body shape. Levi's now provide 3 custom fits - Slight Curve, Demi Curve and Bold Curve - the three body types that account for most women in general, making it possible for us to get jeans with the perfect fit from waist to hip. And it's true! During the event, they invited several guests with various body curves to try on the jeans...and they surprisingly fit all of them purr-fectly. Meow.

I wonder what type my body curve is hehehe...and yes, you can find out what's yours in all Levi's outlets as they'll happily measure your relevant body parts and identify your curve type! Yay!