Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Kenya Continued...

Had enough of Brooklyn for a minute? Let's flash back to Africa for today.

If you didn't catch my first installment of the Kenya trip, read it here. Picking up where I left off, we left Amboseli and took a short white knuckled flight to the Masai Mara.


If you are expecting wild animals in this post, I'm sorry to disappoint. There will be none today because I have to share with you some of the details of where we called home for 3 amazing days: Bateleur Camp at Kichwa Tembo.

I love a good hotel but even the nicest ones tend to be a lot of the same stuff. Its easy to get jaded. Not here. I was completely enchanted from the moment we touched down (and completely depressed when we had to leave). So who else would better appreciate it then my fellow decor porn addicts?

Imagine having an incredibly cosmopolitan friend who lived in the African bush who offered you her pad for a few days (while she jetted off to some other amazing place like Antartica, no doubt) complete with her staff and fully stocked bar. That is what staying here is like. Really. Hats off to the designer, whoever you are.

The commons space decor is on a raised wooden terrace overlooking a huge plain. Its a balanced mix of collected vintage items, bits and pieces of the local materials and a bit of whimsy - set against a backdrop of natural beauty.
I've never wanted a collection of Ostrich eggs before - now I'm dying for one! And who would think a ceramic pug would work in a colonial setting? Genius. Just goes to show you that being unpredictable in small doses adds a lot to a space.

Then we were escorted to our "tent". Bwah! If all camping were like this, none of us would live in houses!
Stone, rich woods and canvas walls. And yes, there was a ceiling fan that made perfect sense. Well done.

Just great design - functional and luxe and all out in the middle of nowhere. Great food and service surrounded by the most incredible wildlife. I can't imagine this experience will ever be topped so I can't help but rave about it.

And because I know you are curious: Yes, it was really expensive (but included everything) but so worth it. Staying in Kenya for just a week (one of most used travel strategies) help kept the total damage down but it was still a big number.

Ok, enough with the decor stuff. Next Kenya post will be all about the animals!