Friday, August 27, 2010

Dogs As Well As Burgers At BoHo

This week we went to a new place, BoHo Burgers in Cahaba Heights. I had noticed this tiny little burger joint opening recently and was intrigued; so I stopped in last Saturday to look it over and pick up a menu. The menu included several different varieties of burgers as well as a "BoHo Bark", their hot dog. That led to giving this place a try. After we had ordered and were waiting for our order, I started taking a few pictures. This led to a discussion about why I wanted pictures and about the blog. The guys there admitted very quickly that BoHo is basically a burger place; but they have little to apologize about regarding the hot dogs.
There were three of us for lunch so we kept an eye out hoping the three stools in the "dining room" would be empty by the time our food was ready. We were thankful that the three guys eating there finished and left just before we were served, so we got the only three seats in the house.

We each ordered a hot dog and fries, then Keith ordered a hamburger which we split. Here's the biggest complaint about BoHo; the hot dogs at 3.50 each seem a little over priced. We had noticed the price and thought they surely would be jumbo hot dogs. They ended up being standard sized hot dogs; but the preparation to order is done carefully executed. The chef, Joseph Johnson, didn't just slap them together, but took time to present a perfect product. The hot dogs were split down the center and well grilled on both sides. We had each ordered bacon and cheese which was added before the grilling was completed. Then the dogs were placed on grilled/toasted buns and topped with "Texas caviar" and slaw for one of us. They were served hot and fresh off the grill. I added a little mustard to top mine off.
This is an unusual hot dog. They lack a couple of basic hot dog condiments (kraut and chili) but make up for it with the large variety of hamburger toppings they can add to a hot dog. We discovered they have a special sauce which they put on their burgers. It is a unique sauce somewhat like a roumilad sauce with a southwest flair. This sauce which comes on their signature burger should be a standard topping for their hot dogs. One last complaint must raise it's ugly head here; the fries were way too salty. All three of us agreed on that. Otherwise this was a good filling and enjoyable lunch, one we might go back for again.

Post Script (July 2011):
I have noticed that Boho was damaged in the storms of April, 2011 and has never reopened. The space is empty and the signs have been removed. It looks like this was a good excuse to not reopen a business that wasn't doing real well.