Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dining Room Update

So for all of those following the dining room table saga, here she is.

Notice something missing? Yes, I have managed to make it to the age of 32 without owning 10 cloth napkins. How is this possible??? Any napkin recommendations? Of course I could just go white but Im feeling like a little color or pattern would be nice here.


Ps #1: In case you think I've gone off the deep end, I didn't set the table just for this photo. Mr. L was having his old country relatives over for lunch so it had to be done.

Ps #2: For those that commented they liked the old table better: I totally 100% agree with you! The problem was that it did not function in a way that I needed it to. Whats the point of having a big dining room table if I have to make guests eat standing up? If I could have made it so that it would sit 12, I would have happily paid a small fortune to make it so. (or if the table would have fit in any other room I would have gladly repurposed) So for $225, I have an intermediate solution that should last for a while and be more functional. Its not by any means perfect (it only seats 10 and it has its share of damage)but it works for now. When I find a table I love AND seats 12, I will be chucking this one and plunk down the cash to buy it.

PS #3: For commenters concerned about my hoarding tendances I'm happy to report that I have given the table to my brother who just happened to be dining room table less. Its still in the family but has gone to a good home. Everyone wins - especially my scare storage space.

And all this dining room talk has me itching to host a dinner party. Timing might not work out with Halloween coming up but maybe I can squeeze one in to christen the table?