Saturday, August 28, 2010

The Chicken & Egg Answered

How do you describe yourself?
Happy, positive, playful, odd, spontaneous but also well-planned, observant, friendly, punctual, enjoys meaningless jokes and meaningful chats, straightforward, well-mannered, determined, analytical, curious, clumsy, very serious when working, idealistic, understanding, logical, rational, tend to simplify things, noisy, solution-seeker, extremely calm when under pressure, future-oriented.

What´s your dream job?
Marketing consulting firm owner.

Where would you like to live one day?
Anywhere with him and my family nearby.

What are your parents’ professions?
My dad’s an economist, and mom’s a housewife.


Is your mom as fashionable as you?

Who's your role model?
Hermawan Kartajaya, Quraish Shihab and Bernhard Subiakto. And my parents, of course.

How was your childhood like?
I was born in Colorado, but I spent most of my childhood years in Malaysia. I always cried when mom puts me on a dress. Mom and dad said that I was the most adorable baby a doll! Hahah!


Who or what inspires you on mix-and-matching?
I am inspired by randomness. I really don’t think much when mix-and-matching. I just play around.

What encourages you to still exist in the blogging-world till now?
My blog is my personal diary. I need it to express myself...:)

Have you ever experienced a time where nobody commented on your posts? How did you feel?
Of course! But since I started blogging just to have fun and had no intention to gain followers, I actually didn’t really think about it...:)

How long did it take to get so many followers like you have now?
Well I’ve been blogging for 3 I guess...3 years? ;p

Who inspires you to blog?
Susie Bubble from

How do you get back your mood when you feel stuck and don’t know what to blog about?
When I’m not in the mood to blog, then I don’t blog. Blogging shouldn’t feel like a responsibility, but an enjoyment. I usually get new ideas to blog about after I watch a new movie, listen to a new song, read a book or simply roam around the city. I get inspired by exploring new things.

When you become a wife someday, will you still maintain this blog? Or would you start a brand new blog from scratch?
I think I’ll still maintain this blog. It’s a diary of my life!:)

What's your favorite store?
Topshop, Zara, Forever 21, Mango, Dorothy Perkins, Linea, Pedder Red, Wondershoe, Bloop Endorse, and stores in the Level One Project.

Do you like to shop in flea markets?

How much money do you spend to buy fashion items in a month?
Depends. But it’s never out of the limit I have targeted.

What’s the brand of your geeky glasses?
It’s unbranded!:)

Can you describe fashion by your own definition?
Art applied on human’s body.

Who's your favorite (local and international) designer?
Dina Vahada, Muqliza Imroni, Barli, Adesagi, Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs.

Do you like to buy knock-off designer items?
I did a few times, and I’d always admit that it was a knock-off. Now I don’t anymore as I have become more aware of how hurtful it is for the designers when we do so. And it’s a crime, really.

What's your feeling when your blog is featured in the magazines or fashion websites?
Extremely content. And grateful...:)

What is the big investment and effort to be a famous blogger?
Passion, time and consistency.

After you made Love Earth bag, will you do other contributions for earth?
Definitely! Do wait! ;p

How do you describe your dream wedding gown?
I don’t have one, nor do I have a dream wedding party. The only thing I dream is to marry the man I really love.

I heard that you are an Industrial Engineering graduate! Did u like this major? Are you interested to have a job that fits your degree?
I liked it, though not that much. I enjoyed my Masters more, majoring in International Business Management. My jobs have actually been relevant to my degrees.

What's your goal in the next 10 years?
In 10 years I’ll be 35 years old. I guess I’ll be married at that time, have 2 kids, good at cooking, have become a marketing expert and a successful business owner. Insya Allah...:)

What’s your height and weight?
161 cm, 53 kg.

How many pairs of shoes do you have?
Ahhhh I need to count first...last time I counted, it reached 100 pairs.

Do you find it comfortable to wear heels?
Depends on the shoes. Some are comfortable, some are not.

What is your favorite color and why?
I like pink. It reminds me of Hello Kitty, Barbie, My Little Pony, Kiki & Lala, basically characters I loved a lot during my childhood.

What is the type of camera that you use to take your pictures?
I use a pocket camera...Nikon Coolpix.

If you were animal, would you be still fashionable and what would that be?
I don’t want to imagine myself as an animal...sorryyyy...;p

Have you ever met your readers, and they noticed you? If yes, what was your reaction?
Yup! Usually I blank out and give that stupid smile. But I’m always extremely happy to meet them! :)

Although you sometimes wear mini skirts and shorts, you don’t seem to convey a sexy or “too revealing” image. How can you do that?
I’m not sure. Perhaps because I don’t feel sexy. So it doesn’t look sexy...;p

What’s your mix-and-match rule?
Always combine items of different kinds. I like it when people find my style difficult to describe because I’d be clashing different styles all together.

How do you deal with nasty or inappropriate comments, especially from guys?
I ignore them.

Cheap or expensive?

Don't you feel it's so warm or even hot wearing all those tights and stockings? I mean as a person living in a tropical country, shouldn't you dress as if it's summer (I think you are not fashion conscious - especially with the climate in your country). You wear them just because you want to look fashionable?
I believe every person has their own temperature tolerance level. I easily feel cold, so I don’t find it a problem wearing tights and do layerings.

How do you manage your time from working, blogging and personal life?
I guess it’s about time management, giving a wise time-proportion to everything you do in life. I don’t like to work more than 8 hours a day, therefore always try to finish everything by 5 p.m. After office hour, I spend time with my friends and or family. Then I blog at night, for about 1-2 hours...:)

What time do you usually go to bed at night?
Usually at 01:00 a.m.

What is your job now? Is your job already your passion or blogging is your passion?
I work in a marketing division for a consumer-goods multinational company. But I decided to take a loooong sabbatical leave because I need time to work on a business I have been wanting to develop. Business is my passion. I like the idea of creating and growing something.

How was your high school years? Was it tough and how were your friends and surroundings like?
The only thing I miss about high school was my band. It was an all-girl band, and I was the lead guitarist. I still dream of being in a band again one day...;p Anyway, I was very much a geek during high school, and I guess my environment wasn’t really for geeks. So I had very limited friends at that time.

Imagine you are traveling in Neverland. And you left your bags at home. What will you wear when you meet Peterpan?
I’m confused! Are you saying that I didn’t bring any clothes and I was travelling without any clothes on? :D

I imagine that someday you’ll become an actress. Do you have passion in acting?
I don’t think so hahah! I’m bad at acting because I’d always laugh.

One thing you covet the most?
Now? Chocolates.

How big is your closet actually?
My closet is 4-doors big. It’s not that big, really!

Where do you take all your clothes when you are already bored with them?
I donate them.

How does it feel to be the 'it' girl?
But I’m not! :D

How much do you spend for your hair each month?
Hhmmm...shampoo, hair spa, probably about Rp.300.000 a month.

When do you take your picture of what you wear that day? Is it in your room? Who takes the picture?
Usually before I leave the house. In my room. Utilizing a tripod.

Don’t you want to try taking outdoor pictures instead of just in your room?
I’d love to, but perhaps once I have someone else besides my tripod heheheh...

Do you exercise your body to gym or something?
Currently I’m into yoga.

Where did you meet Sharjeel?
During my postgrad study. He was my classmate, the most annoying one. He was the type of guy who would always raise his hand when the lecturer asks a question, and I’d be like “ he goes again”.

What was your biggest challenge during your long distance relationship with your boyfriend?
Telephone bills :D

Where did you do your Masters?
Nottingham University.

Do you see yourself as a religious person?

Where are you from?
I’m a mix between Javanese & Sundanese.

How many siblings do you have?
I have 1 elder brother. So there’s only the 2 of us.

Do you have any family ties with Bena?

Are you spontaneous?
Very much!

When was your darkest times, and how did you overcome those moments? What made you feel strong and confident to get through it?
When I completed my Masters, I had a huge fight with my parents. Praying to Allah each and every day made me believe that everything happens for a good reason. It was a test from God, and I just had to try to work things out myself.

How do you manage your finance?
I always make an annual savings target, so I know how much I will (and must) have in my savings account at the end of the year. I save a minimum of 20% of my salary each month. I also set a monthly budget for shopping. So everything’s well planned.

What product do you apply to your skin?
Vitamin C serum and Vitamin E moisturizer from Body Shop.

Do you take any supplements?
Nope, but I think I should.