Sunday, July 4, 2010

Where is the tour going?

Each week my brother and I choose the places we visit. There have been occasions when one of us needed to go a particular direction for a business or personal errand; but most weeks we just choose another place from our list. We started out wanting to visit "hot dog stands" but soon had to figure out whether we should include other places where hot dogs are served. We settled on the somewhat subjective standard of including any stand, restaurant or cart that either takes pride in their hot dogs or clearly holds themselves out to the public as serving hot dogs. Thus we will soon visit a smoothie place in Five Points South that has a large "Kosher Hot Dogs" sign in the window. Many of these places are not "stands" and might not even have an area to stand and eat. We initially have tended to go to the downtown area more than anywhere else but plan to visit all around the city. This week we were again downtown to eat at Marilyn's.