Monday, July 26, 2010

Shore files: Living Room Needs Foufing

So you might recall that in my last beach condo update, I mentioned the living room had one more round of changes before its been frozen completely. So here we are. I added this gray console table (from Target in 2009 if I recall) which I absolutely love. And I moved the little slipper chair (originally purchased for my bedroom) here as well because we needed some extra seating.


I should say that I really do like this room and when Im here in person it feels very calm and relaxed to me - all good things. But its also a bit flat. So how do I make the room more visually appealing without robbing it of that chill factors? Help!

ShoreLivingRoom3 ShoreLivingRoom4

You might notice that those plastic blinds are still there. UGH! I absolutely need window treatments. Im thinking grommet panels on either end but not sure. I definitely need a little side table next to that chair but at a loss as to what specifically. I could also use another little table under the set of four black and white photos to the left of the window. And maybe a more hefty bench near the stair railing? I'd love to put something huge and fun in that white space near the stairs but I'm no sure how I could handle the logistics of hanging anything there b/c its a hard to reach spot. I think I need to bring that lovely color gray into other parts of the room but not sure how. But even if I ever finish all that, I feel like its still a bit flat.


I'm quite sure that if this was the first time I was seeing the room I'd have all kinds of ideas but I have a problem. And that problem is after I've seen a space a few hundred times, I stop being able to imagine it any other way. Its a sickness, really.


So what do you think? Here is the questions I'm wrestling with now.

a) What color curtains? (Gray? White with a gray ribbon sewn on? A striped pattern? Plain white?) Should I do shades as well. If so, what?

b) Where can I find a cheap, tiny round table. (Why doesn't anyone make a cheap knockoff of the marble saarineen side table?) Also willing to do some kind of unconventional side table but I'm drawing a blank. (A stack of white, gray and blue books would look cool but I don't happen to have any of those laying around)

c) What else can I add in here that won't make it look like a circus or a theme room but will up the style factor?

I'll tell you what I don't want to do: I don't want to replace anything I have (I like the items in here - even if they aren't perfect, I don't want to waste money unless I hate something) Noo big plants (i kill them), no busy patterns (see chill factor comment above), no rope or jute (nothing wrong with them, I just get the heebies touching them). Aside from that, I'm all ears.

Phew- that was a lot of blabber jabber. I hope you're still reading.