Sunday, July 18, 2010

My Two Cents

Never buy items from pre-order online shops that only display reference or example pictures, stating "we can make products like these based on your order and color preference". NEVER.

Risks you'll be facing:
  1. They'll send you crappy products that just LOOK like the reference you wanted, and by crappy, I mean low-quality material, nauseating glue smell, unfinished stitching, just pure ugliness. Sometimes, they don't even look like the ones you wanted, and you'll be wondering who on earth ordered them at first place.
  2. It's all hoax. They'll ask you to transfer some amount of money and never contact you back. Or they will, but with millions of excuses.
Only trust online shops that share with you images of the actual products they are selling. Even better if they have the photos taken from various angles including close-up shots.