Sunday, July 4, 2010


Marilyn's is just a little off the beaten track for most people. I went looking for it a couple of weeks before eating there and had a hard time finding it. The location is on the east side of 18th Street between 7th Avenue North and Reverend Abraham Woods Jr Blvd. (previously known as 8th Avenue North). This location is an easy 1/2 block walk from two large buildings, the Alabama Power headquarters and the Bellsouth building. Marilyn's decor seems to feature multiple televisions, strange paneling, the name Pepsi and the Pepsi logo. There was a steady stream of customers, most of whom sat and ate at one of the tables.

This week we had a pleasant experience at Marilyn's. This was the best deal we have found so far. The hot dogs and chili dogs are good. There was nothing to make them stand out in the memory but they are good. My brother asked Marilyn how they cook their hot dogs, to which she replied; "we thow 'em on the grill". We were in agreement that they could have been a little hotter when served. I suspect they had been grilled and were being kept warm on part of the grill. While we were eating this week we discussed some preferences for hot dog presentation and realized we are not in total agreement. More about that subject later.

We both noticed two things missing from their menu; Golden Flake chips and Coca Cola products. We did agree that we missed seeing Golden Flake chips offered since it is our home town chip. We like to support the local economy when given the opportunity. Bottom line, try 'em if you can find 'em.