Thursday, July 22, 2010

Guest Post: Nicole's Wow Worthy Renovation

To finish up this series of guest posts, I have a really special treat - a triple room tour courtesy of Nicole, author of a fab new blog, Sketch42. And this is no ordinary home - she did a full on reno and has outifitted it with fabulously stylish pieces. The result is just wow worthy. Off we go...

Hey All, Nicole from Sketch42 here! I decided to give you guys a little evolutionary tour of my apartment since I moved in almost 2 years ago. There were tons of misteps and mistakes
along the way, and I am definitely not finished with it yet, but here is a little bit of the journey I took with this apt.

Everyone always seems to move when they are pregnant or have a new baby. I
was no exception. With a two week old kid, we signed the contract for this:

And a few months later moved into this construction site.... We were
combining two apartments and extending the kitchen... This turned out to be a
never ending project. My kid is turning two in a month, and we are still not
done! We have come a long way since then, but I can still remember having white
dust on the hem of my jeans every day!

First, we added a beamed ceiling with lighting built into it:

This picture was taken in March of 2009. We area already somewhat comfortable. We had no couch until I bought a floor sample from Jonathan Adler! Of course the first thing my husband did was hang a TV.

By Feburary 2010 we had a lot more going on! We started filtering out all of the ikea stuff we bought when we moved in... The stuff that we needed because we literally had nothing.

And here it is in June 2010... We just got the bench, the last piece that I was waiting for to complete the basic seating for the room. I actually saw that bench on 1st dibs and had it copied!

Meanwhile on the other side of the room:

I added a wall of beveled brick mirrors to reflect the trees in the windows...

Here is dining area a few weeks ago....

And through it all, the biggest issue was the kitchen. Because we combined two apartments, we also decided to extend the original kitchen to accommodate a bigger fridge, two ovens and a breakfast bar.

I lived for six months with NO OVEN and a mini fridge. (With a new baby, I might add.) Thank god for ordering in!

This is the kitchen in March 2009, when they FINALLY installed the appliances and countertops. You can see the mini-fridge still tucked under the countertop. (To get an idea of what the kitchen looked like before - it ended where the wall and beam are.

And this is how it looks now.

I hope you all enjoyed my little house tour... You can read about all of these adventures in more detail here.