Monday, July 12, 2010

Guest Post: Lindsay's Master Retreat

Everyone say hi to Lindsay - new mommy, diy'er and blog author of Little House blog. I stumbled up on her monopoloy inspired art a while back and I've been hooked ever since. So I'm thrilled she agreed to share a piece of her home with us. Take it away L...

Thank you so much to Stefanie for asking me to do a little guest post. :) My husband and I (and new baby Oscar!) live in Toronto, Canada. We've been documenting our home reno process of our semi detached home in the Beach Area since we bought our house in 2008.

We found our house and fell in love right away. The house had potential, was on a gorgeous street, but the inside was awful, and the bedrooms were small. So we decided that we'd tear down a wall to make 2 bedrooms one, to be our master bedroom.

We finished demo, and decorating on the Master Bedroom prior to any other room. I really wanted to have a Master Bedroom that I loved, where amongst chaos in other renos and just "life", I could come and just be calm. Here is the process of our demo + decorating!

Below, the 2 bedrooms when we took possession...

bedroom before1
left plus right

The left hand picture is bedroom #1, and the right hand picture is bedroom #2. The previous owners just upped and left without taking any of their belongings. So we were left with having to not only renovate, but find a way to get rid of all of the furniture. I know, you're dumbfounded....How could they leave that snow leopard?


A few days after we took possession the construction began, with Aubrey and my brother tearing down the middle wall.

bedroom at the beginning

We made 2 Bedrooms one - installed a bulk head with pot lights.


Above; We added His+Her Closets.


I had fallen in love with the Jonathan Adler Meurice Pendant, and that was the final touch to the room design. A splurge, but worth it as no other light compared.


I saved up for 4 years for the Colette Bed from Crate and Barrel. I loved this bed so much, and at the time, Crate & Barrel wasn't even open in Canada, so I had all of these plans to drive across the border to buy it. But finally, after 4 years of coveting the bed the store came to Toronto, and the splurge it was worth every penny.


Our side tables you may recognize, as our little DIY Ikea makeover has made the rounds on the web. But if you haven't seen the project, click here on how to make them!


master bedroom lindsayandaubrey


And now we have Baby Oscar in our lives, who enjoys the room as well...


This is exactly how we feel when we are in the room too. ;)

I hope you enjoyed the little tour!
xo Lindsay

For a full source list of wall colours & where we bought things, click here.