Friday, June 11, 2010

Style & Skill Crush: An Education

You already know by now that I take my share of long airplane trips. As a result, I watch movies that I wouldn't normally have seen. Today's Style & Skill crush goes to one of those movies: An Education.

(I know, I was nominated for an academy award and critically acclaimed everywhere so I'm not introducing something new at all. I just don't tend to watch these kinds of movies so it was new to me.)

I really want a photo of me and the mr. just like this. Can someone rent me a crane?

The movie has some great performances and interesting story line but I was far too distracted by the beautiful style that was laced into this film seamlessly to notice anything else.

Normally I'm not personally drawn into the 1960s style. (I lurrve the period around WWII. Have you seen Atonement? If you haven't go right now and do so. Thank me later.) That said, there was not a frame in this movie I didn't fall in love with. And while I'm still devoted to my dear husband, I think I might be in love with Carey Mulligan. I mean, really. Who can rock a tie and not look butch? She can!

The interiors were interesting as well. Notice how they painted the inside of the closet just like we did. Secret subliminal points there.

Danny's apartment was swish had all sorts of interesting pieces. Check out that piece to left of the blond. I want! Even the sets that were meant to be more drab and depressing like the school, the motel, etc. had something captivating.

'Nuff said? I know I'm not the only one who falls in love with a movie's style. What is your film style crush?
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