Thursday, June 3, 2010


Thanks for your feedback on the capiz fixtures. I'm not worried about it being outdated as much as growing tired of it myself. And Im not concerned about getting it greasy because its pretty far away from the stove. But your comments revealed a dealbreaker: not enough light. Its the only fixture at this end of the kichen so no go.

In my search for alternatives I found this beauty.

I'm smitten! I think I'm slightly preferring the white version but look how amazing the blue one looks!

Photo credits: Toby Fairley found on Blu Label Bungalow

Sadly at $6900 its about as far away from my budget as I am from being a supermodel astronaut.

I've been wracking my brain for a way to DIY a version but I think even that is out of the cards. I'd need soooo many beads (Im estimating about 2500!) and those aren't exactly cheap. So the search continues.