Monday, June 28, 2010

Shore Files: More cowbell.

So where was I? Right, we cleaned, painted and redid the floors. We had some furniture. It was time to get to the fun stuff. At this point it was all pretty neutral so added some of things you'd expect in a place near the water.

One of the first projects was designing three large canvases for over the couch. I had seen a few other things I liked at the time but none of them fit the space or the budget so I went off on my own. I designed the panels and had them printed on canvas. (Forgive the crap photos - these were taken before I knew how to operate a camera.)

A closer look at at the panels.

Shell prints

We hung some prints taken in of our town around the turn of the century.

As for the smalls, I added some natural items (I'll have to snap some of my own photos the next time) - a giant clam shell, a hunk of white coral, a recycled wood frame, etc.

And printed a few of our favorite photos taken by the beach (either this one or on vacations) and used them to punctuate the room.
steps the beach at the jersey shore; shipwreck on robben island, south africa

Now I know some of you may be rolling your eyes here. Beachy things for a place near the beach? How predictable! Can't really argue with you there. But its intentional - casual and relaxed and simple. I can appreciate wanting to go another way but this was a shore getaway and I wanted it to feel like it. I will admit that at that point, it was looking all a little one dimensional. It needed some depth. More cowbell!! These photos were taken several years ago an I have done a few things to punch it up a tiny bit (one final living room update coming to bring you into the present) - but there is still work to do.

It was around this time that we took a fork in the road and we started doing our Brooklyn renovation so all of my plans went bye-bye. So its back to business. I'm still very much sure I want a beachy, breezy vibe in here but I wouln't mind a little bit of a twist either. Ideas?