Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Shore files: Furniture!

After the walls were painted and the floors redone, it was time to get some furniture.

I wish I could say that we got that accomplished over a long weekend but in reality it was almost a full year before we had anything to sit on.
I always wanted a white couch so here was my chance. I liked the sleekness of the color with the casualness of the slipcover style. Its been 4 years and still no stains (knock wood!). On the negative side, Im not loving how slouchy the couch looks as time goes on but so be it. At this point there was still plenty to do in this room - like art on the walls, window treatments (still yet to be done 5 years on!), etc but it was coming together.

As that was getting sorted we had to figure out the bedroom. Not wanting to blow a lot in here, off to Ikea we went.
Once again, not at all finished but immediately more cozy.

So at this point we had the basics. It was now time for some more finishing touches. I've made some progress (I'll share that in a future post) but now that I think on it, its been forever and I've done so little. Its just so hard to be focused once we're down there - its like my heart rate slows the minute I cross the threshold. And those little and big undone things still drive me crazy so its not like I don't notice them - I just can't seem to cross them off the to-do list. Must.light.fire.under.me.