Thursday, June 17, 2010

A sharp centerpiece

I tend to be a very anti clutter person. I like surface areas clean of stuff or decoration (much to the horror of my mother in law who would like to put a doily and vase of fake flowers on every available surface).

That said, I even violate my own rules sometimes. The shore's eat in area just called for a little pretty. Enter this easy, peasy, sharp and breezy centerpiece. And when I say sharp, I mean I haven't touched this thing once without saying 'ouch'.


One cactus/succulent garden + random shells + one large bowl. Voila! A centerpiece that takes a licking and keeps on ticking. (We purchased this cactus & succulent garden ready made from a big box store several years ago. Despite serious neglect, this thing is still alive!)


You could use any kind of easy to care for plant along with any kind of random debris in the bowl - sea glass, rocks, moss, jellybeans (tm kelly bensimon). By no means an original idea, its such a simple project that has stood the test of time, I had to mention it.

Whats your take on clean surface area vs. well placed object? Whats on your kitchen table?