Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Capiz: To be or not to be?

Now that I've revealed our other place, I have free reign to blab on and on about what Im thinking of. The kitchen needs an overhaul but its not in the budget to renovate this year so I'm just trying to polish it a tiny bit to hold me over. Something I've wanted to do from day 1 (but never got around to) was swap out the ceiling fan over the kitchen table for a more attractive light fixture. (Don't get me started on ceiling fans!)

Photo credits: Brooke Gianetti via manoblueblog; coastal living via my home ideas; 247 reno; save for later

I've always had a capiz shell chandelier in mind but as the years go on, I'm not so convinced about it anymore. Is it even pratical in a kitchen? Will it provide enough light? Is it going to be dated by the time I'm ready to renovate the space? I'm never one to care about trends but I don't want to be personally bored with it in a year or two.

I'm also having a bit of a problem with the price tag on some of these models? Is capiz really this expensive?? So what do think. Hot or not?